Our Services are available to any organization or individual who might be interested in creating or advancing a new business or idea, or to improve their existing endeavors. Much of the information available will be advantageous to assist anyone to better organize and develop ideas from the conceptual to implementation. Our educational products are really adaptable to any situation. They contain basic common-sense ideas founded on the ideas of creativity, innovation, adaptation, cooperation, revitalization and empowerment. Below find some more details, and links to examples.

Our first and primary customer, or clients are individuals. Many of the educational products that will be made available through the Experiential University are aimed at helping people to make their dreams come true. For a sampling of some of the programs that we make available you might want to check out the Nature Tourism Handbook, the Solomon Source Individual Empowerment Star (SIES) or The Practice by Desmond Green.

The term "revitalization" refers primarily to communities for our purposes. Our team has experience working at all scales, and communities (towns, cities, villages) are a pivotal level of organization and, as we attempt to transform human systems, it is critical to support jurisdictional, incorporated communities, but also other levels of "community" that might be less organized (such as online networks, cooperative ventures, etc.). A key approach that addresses this client group is described in the executive summary of the Regional Revitalization and Empowerment Strategy (RRES).

Businesses & Non-profits
Our core Services, strategies, products and approaches are just as useful for businesses and other organizations that are interested in refining, improving or developing new initiatives, products. Systems Thinking, is advantageous to any organization as there are almost always needs for evaluation and improvement.

State Agencies
Again, our team has worked on projects with many state agencies and organizations. While Dr. Skadberg was in Texas he worked on projects with the Dept. of Transportation, Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept., Texas Historical Commission, etc. To see a quick overview of the project that is currently going to the next level, check out this short video "wireless Internet in DOT Rest Areas".

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