The VISION Excelerator Dream Making Process

Very simply, making your dreams come true involves two primary processes.

1) Find your dream and describe it in words, pictures, diagrams or whatever works for you, specifying, to the extent necessary, how you are going to bring your dream to fruition. You must describe in words that contain only positive messages and no contradictions to your Vision.

2) Identify and deal with all of the blockages that prevent you to believe that your Dream can come true. This is not necessarily a simple process, and can often mean looking at personal issues, fears and doubts that go to the very beginning of your life.

There is a simple fact though, we came to this world to realize our dreams.

More on Dream Making

Getting Started! - by Andy Skadberg

Change in the world happens one person at a time. We are living during the most profound, transformative time this world has seen. Of course, as we release the old to bring in the new, there may be some "challenge" to the process, but all is in good order. We have designed a number of tools to help people be empowered, but in 30 years of research and spiritual work, I have found nothing more profound, powerful and simple to start this process than Desmond Green's work with Conscious Deep Breathing. He has compiled this foundational personal work in his book The Practice. Desmond is gifting the world two of his most important books in the book The Global Citizenship Passport, which includes The Practice.

Another way to start this process is to get connected to Nature, to Mother Earth. You can see a very quick overview called Peace Making.

First Steps - Preliminary "homework" - self study

1. Write a Mission or Vision Statement

2. Prepare a document that describes your dream in positive, powerful words. Include the necessary information to clearly en-vision what it is you will create. Include pictures, diagrams and details about the various components necessary and steps to be accomplished.

3. In order to prepare to create what it is that you desire to Share with the world, you can begin to examine ideas you have about the world and your life. We recommend that you read some essays and books to begin to open your mind and heart. 

Dealing with the obstacles of our beliefs and the conditioning we have received living in the world can require a great deal of self-searching, examination and processing. Many people have found great insights from "self-help" programs such as 12 Step programs (originally developed for Alcoholics Anonymous). In our assessment these tools can be very valuable as one aims to be able to begin with a fresh perspective - i.e. a "clean slate". In 12 Step programs, the initial stage is to recognize that we might have personal beliefs, attitudes or behaviors which may get in the way of our own personal development and progress. The second part of the process is called personal inventory which the process to identify and be rid of the obstacles. This process can require a significant degree of self examination and a willingness to change.

The rewards will be equivalent to the effort and dedication that you commit to the process. Discovering who and what you are, what you can be, and the ability to Make Your Dream Come True. It is up to you, but when you reach out and begin to let go of ideas, beliefs and conditioning that has gotten in your way (we recommend reading "Questioning Beliefs"), you will find incredible amount of assistance available.

More details and the Example Outline for Creating Your Vision Statement and Document

Some Preparatory Suggestions - and Recommended Reading

Before you go any further, we need to be clear on one thing. You need to do the work. If you are not prepared to take the steps to create your dream, then you can expect no one else to do it for you. The rewards of this process you have entered will be equivalent to the effort and dedication you put into it.

Imagine the amount of energy we normally invest in working our jobs. Where does that energy go? Survival? - that is the conditioning and education that we have received, for the most part. This is not the truth. You are much more than a "worker", there is much more to do with your life than to get a job, or a career, earn some money, take a vacation once in awhile and then retire. This is the game that has been "sold" to us - and most people have, without knowing what has happened, become imprisoned in this system that is primarily based on fear, and the idea of survival of the fittest. This is only one possible reality. The truth is actually much more wonderful and stupendous and is revealed in many, many religious texts (including the Bible), spiritual teachings and books, and being revealed by much of our new scientific understandings. For more advanced, and esoteric kinds of information you can preview upcoming Sharings and links to others works in "Light Star Study Group".

All materials that we suggest, are just that, suggested. If you have other inspirational materials that you like, that is great. However, we don't recommend these materials lightly, they will be useful to help you in the process - but if you come across something that doesn't resonate with you, just pass it by. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Preparation for Re-Creation

by Andy Skadberg

We are living in dramatically changing times. As we look for ways to ground ourselves and discover a new direction for our lives, possibly one with more meaning and purpose, there are some important ideas or beliefs that might help us. Preparation for Re-Creation includes some inspirational ideas that might assist you to identify some core ideas to this process. Don't be afraid to ask questions about what is, or to search for wisdom from the teachings that have come to us, but also to your own heart guidance.

Solomon Individual Empowerment Star (SIES)
by Andy Skadberg

A more advanced "short course" is called Solomon Individual Empowerment Star (SIES) which provides insights into a process of self evaluation and processing to begin the process of examining one's opportunities, blockages and steps for transforming individual thoughts, belief, actions and behaviors to begin creating the life of your dreams.

Additional books that we would recommend as background to this process are:

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

Describes in a 28 week process for discovering the hidden nature of Infinite Mind (God) and our role and powers as co-creators.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

This book was featured in the movie The Secret as the inspiration for the book and movie. It reveals principles behind the ideas that "thoughts become things", the law of attraction and the power of moving from the competitive to the creative mind where one can tap into the spiritual foundations of creation.

Case Study - A Deliberate, progressive process of Self-discovery and Dream-making 

- the example of Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D.

The process of Dream-making presented here in the Vision Excelerator has evolved from a lifetime process. My experiences as an entrepreneur go all the way back to my youth. I was never very good with money which seems to have been the focus of so much development in our recent history. This is all for the good, but I believe this "reality" is changing. Humanity is shifting. Money is not the most important thing.

Our consciousness is becoming more aware of our connections, to being connected to the Earth and each other. The competitive mind-set is falling away being replaced with an emphasis on creativity and cooperation - which is the example that nature shows us every day.

There is nothing wrong with making money, but having it as the only focus, not giving consideration to other factors is being replaced as a way to get by in the world.

The entrepreneurial mindset, based on creative expression is valid in every field or area of life. Being open to opportunities, agility and adaptability to new environments and working with others are the ways of the future, based upon my life experience, and by what I am observing to be taking place in the world at this time.

However, changing  a life of conditioning and "education" can involve a great deal of work, and willingness to "un-learn" as suggested by leadership author Stephen Covey in his book The 8th Habit. He recommends that we build our life on three principles: Love, Learning (and unlearning) and Leave a Legacy. 

But I have discovered that, in my life, this process can involve a great deal of patience, diligence, growth, self examination and, potentially, sacrifice. This is not to suggest that, as in my personal case, this process will require 30 years of work, but that for the greatest rewards one might be required to commit to their Vision and Dream with a great deal of dedication and trust.

In order for the secret dream in your heart  to become a reality may not be easy. But there must be a very important reason for you to have it - that most likely is to Share it with the world.

As Depak Chopra suggested to his children, their main job in life is not about making money or finding a career or job, but to find their purpose, or mission.

So, without further introduction, you can read the culmination of the Vision Excelerator, and the processes being presented here, as it is a part of much bigger Dream to Revitalize and Empower communities and people so we can "re-create the world".

Andrew Skadberg's "Dream-making Process and Story"

If you have read the recommended materials on the other column, you are ready to dig deeper into the process. Click Here to go to the next outline of Steps - Click Here to Go to the Next Page

Also, we will help you with your process. Often times it is helpful to have additional assistance or support. This process can be challenging if these ideas are new. In any case, just know, that if you begin this process with earnestness, sincerity and trust, what you need to move forward will come to your aid.

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