The VISION Excelerator provides services in the following ways: general consulting, expert advice, business strategy, visioning and planning, business assessment, educational resources (free and fee), networking, referrals, etc.

We believe that supporting individual initiative is one of the most important Services that we can provide. So, that is one of our key areas of focus. At the same time, organizations of all scales often need assistance to see the greater context of the business that the are in. Our team provides Services to individuals, businesses, organizations and any scale of endeavor. We can provide objective, impartial and insightful perspective for any scale of endeavor. This is the benefit of our team utilizing the "systems approach".

Real Value for FREE - and then adding value as you discover the benefits of our approach, information and Services.
Throughout this site, and the various linked resources (Solomon University, Solomon's Library, etc.) you will find a plethora of valuable resources, services, information and publications for FREE. We believe the best way to make a difference is to make available to you, to assist you to advance toward your dream. After you discover the value of these resources, you will likely come back to help support us to further extend what we are doing. This, we believe, is the business model of the future.

Many of the affiliated projects and organizations we are working with operate with the same model and we recommend that you spend some time learning, and possibly become involved, with the great work that they are doing.

Areas of specialization

-       Entrepreneurship                                               -    Organizational Development

-       Networking                                                        -    Commercialization

-       New technologies                                              -    Tourism – regional development

-       Sustainability                                                    -    Environmental Protection

-       Innovation in societal systems and services        -     Education

-       Community revitalization and individual empowerment

A cornerstone of our "entrepreneurial" support services is the book Dr. Skadberg et. al. developed to assist farmers and ranchers in Texas develop new business enterprises "Nature Tourism: A Guidebook for Evaluating Enterprise Opportunities" or, access the Course Online This is often a starting place for "budding" entrepreneurs, and also a great place to start for any kind of endeavor. The Guidebook covers the most critical starting steps to conceive and evaluate whether or not a new endeavor, whether it be a business or other endeavor, will be viable - and then to develop strategy for creating that enterprise. You can download the Guidebook for FREE.

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