Here we will begin to post some of the exciting developments in areas that we are working. We will focus on "snippits" of news items that may be of interest to our clients, and members of the cooperative.

News Items about Our Team

Bob Albertson, is an inventor from Minnesota. He has been inventing for 70+ years, we recently built out a website for him.

Craig Lee is a hemp activist going back to the beginnings of hemp being legalized in the US. He has quite a story, and his accomplishments are slowly but surely being recognized. Dr. Skadberg has joined forces with Craig to establish "The Hemp Archive", a respository of historical information that is currently housed at the University of Kentucky. If you want to learn more about Craig, he has a biography book Craig Lee's Kentucky Hemp Story and a documentary movie, Hempsters Plant the Seed that are both available for purchase

The Vision of Dr. Andrew Skadberg

is rapidly converging at this point in time. A whole new team is emerging, and as the NESARA/GESARA economy begins to emerge, it looks as though the Vision Excelerator is well prepared for the next stages of humanity. We have hosted 3 Global Summits since 2016. They were fairly small, but included a core group of entrepreneurs, activists, inventors and visionaries. Dr. Skadberg built websites for 2 of the 3 meetings, that have served as placeholders for what we believe will be world changing gatherings.

Ames Global Summit

Denver Global Summit - website to be provided later

Albert Lea Global Summit - this meeting had a robust element of hemp, so a complimentary blog entitled The Global Hemp Guild can provide additional information

Wireless Internet and Kiosk in DOT Rest Areas - Texas
After 8 years waiting, Andy Skadberg was informed that It's Time! The Iowa DOT is supporting Zoom Information Systems to go to the next level with the technology in the 40 rest areas across the state. Mike Fritsch with Zoom is hiring Andy to assist with the tourism side of the equation. This development has instigated the development of "pilot" projects utilizing the RRES model. A variety of developments could put this in 25 states. We expect that this will be a project that will be moving fast and furious, so keep posted. To see a 2 minute video about the official launch in Texas, Click here

Other News Items - here we showcase various news items about pertinent events or developments directly associated with the VISION Excelerator initiatives, and efforts associated with particular regions and places.

Energy and Technology.

As the world is on the vanguard of the release of something in the neighborhood of 6000 energy, health, and other technologies, look forward to significant information to be released soon. In the interim, the work of Dan Willis, can provide a very robust background The Web Matrix and his work with Marcel Vogel and consciousness of plants, water and crystals.

As these products come available, we will populate our partner website Global Innovative Solutions with them.

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