The first part of the Dream Making process is to discover your dream and expressing it in words and as a written document. This can fairly easily be identified by things that you love to do. What is the creative, or practical, or useful Service that you would like to bring to the world. Imagine the world if more people did the things that they love to do for their job or career, as compared to having a "day job" and then doing what they love, often times secretly, in their spare time.

We have been seriously conditioned through the educational system, the media and other institutions such as churches, governments and corporations to believe that life is about "survival" and to survive we must get a job or a career. This is just one particular perspective of life, but we have been being conditioned as individuals and collective humanity of this "reality". This is not the truth. And we are living during a time when we are seeing that "reality" falling apart. It has not worked and we can see that from the conditions of the economy, our social systems and the natural world. Those systems are being replaced, but the experience will happen one person at a time. You can prepare yourself by learning the principles and ideas that are contained in the various materials that are being presented here.

Before you begin, let me suggest that you are a powerful being, and you came to Share a very special gift. And it is our Dream that we might assist you to discover Your Dream, and help you to Share it with the world.

We have imagined that when all of the people of world discover their special mission, talent, gift that when we are all expressing those things we will discover it is like a grand symphonic orchestra of human life. We will have eliminated all forms of suffering and conflict, and will be able to Share in this beautiful world in harmony, happiness and True Love.

Steps to Creating a Vision Document - The first part of the Dream Making Process

Motivations - it will be good for you to find your passion, your motivation for why you feel inspired. For me, it has been my children more than any other thing. Of course my family, like my mother, father and sister who have all passed on. Additionally, I was endowed, when I came to this world, with a knowing of what is possible, and that we came to this world to have fun, be happy to love, to treat all life and the Earth with respect. This indomitable spirit has carried me through many interesting and what many would see as challenging life experiences. But I now see that all of these experiences were what I came here for. I have been blessed immeasurably in this life.

You will be well served by spending some time examining what it is that is really important to you. What inspires you? What stirs your passion? This is not about what makes you angry, but what brings the most positive feelings. It might be what makes you feel like a child again. In my case it was the idea that I could make the world better for my children, but also for all the children, the Earth (nature) and the rest of the world. So I committed to make a decision, and have been proceeding with my plans ever since. Prior to that time, I realized that my life experiences were progressively moving toward my Dream. It was an educational process through my life experiences. Kind of what William James referred to as a spiritual awakening of the "educational variety". And yes, if you are scared by that word, and unwilling to consider this as a Spiritual Process, then you better take a look at that too. Because Dream Making, as we see it, is very much a Spiritual Process. Don't get this confused with a religion or any other doctrinal system. It is about the Spirit of Life, what makes you be able to breathe, and live.

Making a Decision - one of our greatest powers as human beings is to be able to make a decision to do something. To make a choice to move in a particular direction, or to accomplish something. You will find this message behind the great teachings. All things that exist in this world began in this way. A person had an idea and then made a decision to create the thing that they had envisioned. It is the same with you. Everything you have accomplished up until now has been this process. However, many of the options that we consider possible have been very limited - via what was stated previously, by our conditioning, education, the beliefs of our family and friends. It is not easy to get out of the box of our families, the worlds, or our own experiences. But, if we are able to see a great realm of possibilities than what we previously believed to be, we will discover many wonderful things. Things about who and what we are, what we can accomplish if we set our mind, but especially our heart to what secret dream we have, what we came to the world to Share. It is there in every person (in fact in all things), but it is nothing less than a Spark of God. It is our job to discover, or uncover this Star, and then make a decision to Share it with the World, no matter how big or small of Vision might be.

Discovering Your Power - at this point, if you haven't done so already, I strongly suggest that you read a book that will help you understand more about Your True Nature - as a Spiritual Being Made of Light. Science has proven this and all the great religious teachings have pointed to this fact, but the message has been very obscured with conflicting and contradictory messages.

We are much more powerful to create than most of us have come to believe. There is much more to life. As you proceed in this process, it will be good to open your mind to these possibilities. It doesn't really require any more than that - that is to be open. Open your heart and mind, and have confidence in yourself, and your God to support you. Because, whether you believe it or not, that is what is going on. And it has been forever. Our religions teach us this, such as the idea that "God is everything", but many of us have come to believe that we are somehow separate from this Truth. Even science tells us that everything is energy and that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But most of us have gotten distracted by the argument of whether Religion or Science is right - when in actually they are both saying the same thing.

You can choose your own books, but I do have some that I highly recommend. There are innumerable ones available, but these will definitely open up your mind. The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles and The Master Key, by Charles Haanel. For practical and simple instructions for putting a foundation down for positive self development and growth, the best and simplest I have found so far is The Practice by Desmond Green, you will find this book in the Global Citizenship Passport.

If you don't read these books, or other things that we recommend, you may not be ready to pursue your dreams at this time. That is all fine and good. There is a simple fact though, if you want things to change in your life, you must be willing to do things differently. Two quotes that relate to this are "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results", and "you cannot put anything in a full cup".

Creating a Vision Document

Below is an outline, with links to examples of the various "components" that we see as part of a document that will help you move towards the manifestation of Your Dream. The reason we are suggesting that you have a written document, with pictures and/or diagrams is based on the understanding that there is great power in "the word". This idea is captured in one of the most commonly known quotes from the Bible "in the beginning was the Word".

In this world, it seems, we have superficially overlooked this statement. Many of us are speaking things that contradict our own true desires and dreams. It is not our point to get bogged down in a philosophical or religious discussion about this matter. If you are interested in delving more into this question you may want to read the books Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell. Or, if you are interested in reading some essays expounding on the power of words, here are a couple that I have written "Faith or Trust - the Power of Words", Re-definition, Collective/Individual, Your Power to Re-Create

Here is a summary of this process you are now moving into -
 Find your dream and describe it in words, pictures, diagrams or whatever works for you, specifying, to the extent necessary, how you are going to bring your dream to fruition. You must describe in words that contain only positive messages and no contradictions to your Vision.

Outline for creating a Concise Strategy document
I. Writing a Mission/Vision statement, and Strategy Document - Example of document prepared for Texas A&M University
II. Other possible elements to include in the Vision Document
    A. Audience
    B. Title
    C. Author(s)
    D. Introduction (Executive Summary)
         1. Diagram, overview, picture of product, project or process
         2. Bullet pointed list of purposes
         3. Mission Statement (or Vision)
    E. Background
         1. Contributors to opportunity
         2. Proof of Concept
         3. More detailed Diagram, Flow-chart, picture of the project or product
Now we will discuss these elements in more detail. It is important to realize that the example presented are just that - examples. The key is to take the ideas and adapt them to your own situation. Nothing in this process is "etched in stone".

I. Writing a Mission/Vision
In 2007 I realized I had never written a vision statement for myself. In retrospect this seemed ironic since I had written many statements for other organizations, but not myself. So, I realized that if I wanted to move in a certain direction with my life I should probably spend some time thinking and writing about what it is I might want to do, or contribute.

It is important to not get worried or stressed about this process. It will likely be progressive. You may find yourself continually updating your Mission/Vision statement. Whatever feels natural. Having a mission statement might be compared to having a rudder on a boat. If a boat doesn't have a rudder, there is no way to steer the boat. An unreflected life, without a statement of purpose will very likely be a life without good steerage.

And a positive Mission statement, written down, can be an excellent tool and reminder of the commitment that you have made to yourself and what you have decided what you desire to accomplish.

We will be providing more details about the process of writing a vision statement. In some regards it is similar to writing Goals and Objectives. To write very good ones can require effort. The best vision/mission and goals and objective statements are concise and express your ideas in simple and clear terms.

However, it is important not to get discouraged and not start. These kinds of statements, documents and plans are "living documents", they are progressive, and you can continually update them and improve on them. The most important thing to do is to get started. Start somewhere. Don't delay in trying to have the "perfect" vision/mission statement. Do the best that you can, and move on to the next steps.

For the time being, here you can see the Vision/Mission statements that I have written for myself. Also, on this page you can see the very involved and lengthy process that I have been going through in my life to realize "My Dream" - which is definitely still in process.

I believe the most important thing to have is confidence in oneself. Believe that you can accomplish your dream. That is why you have it. No one else does. That is very likely one important reason that you are alive. If you believe in a God, maybe that is why you are here?

In this world self confidence can be rather difficult to acquire. Our educational system and religious organizations tend to play down, or make us feel inadequate. We really need to put these ideas aside. This is why the Second part of the Dream Making process is so important, that being clearing out obstacles that we have acquired.

There are a number of authors that have addressed this question directly. One of our favorites is Wayne Dwyer, but there are literally hundreds if not thousands of inspirational books that one can find that can help you advance to believe in yourself, especially in regards to achieving the purpose/mission of your life. And by "self-confidence" we are not talking about arrogance or narcissism. We are speaking of knowing yourself with a level of humility and clarity - so that you can make your greatest contribution to the world - to achieve that which you came to this lifetime for.

If you want to find out, and then accomplish your best, it must begin with you. Then, once you begin the process, great resources and assistance can come to your aid.

Another important thing to understand is Trust (some might say faith, but I think there is an important distinction). I believe Trusting that we can do our hearts desire is a very important attribute, or mind-set to come to. Otherwise, how can a person really get to what they want to do? We are truly being supported by something at all levels. We trust that the sun will shine. We trust that the molecules will perform their functions - we trust that the cosmos will hold together. We can achieve that same level of Trust with Making Our Dreams Come True. And the great thing is, it doesn't just start with one set of dreams. This process is progressive. Once we achieve one level of Dream Making, then we will likely find new and more wonderful things to accomplish and Share.

The Next Step - writing your Mission/Vision Statement

At this point, you can begin to write Your Statement by reading the example of my statement, and then, essentially, duplicating the format.

Example - Written Mission Statement

Making My Mission Real by Andy Skadberg (for the more complete description see Andy's Big Dream)

When I first created the I Am Sharing collaborative network outline, I realized that I had never written my personal mission statement. This seemed like a huge oversight. I don’t know how many mission statements I had created for other projects and organizations. Even though I had had in my mind an idea of what my mission, or purpose was since about 1987, which came as the result of an experience on a canoeing trip on the St. Croix river, I had never put that statement down in written word. So, upon the passing of my father, I decided it was time to express “my purpose” in writing. The following is the evolution of this idea from the first statement prepared for the original I Am Sharing outline in 2007, and the final statement that was inspired by the  materials from Ra in the Law of One Series from the L/L Research group, and much other research and discovery into other esoteric, metaphysical,  occult and spiritual avenues.

My Mission:
To be of Service to Others and make a Positive impact in the world, with an ultimate aim to contribute to world peace and an evolution of Human-kind.

The ways that I will fulfill my mission is by:
- Each day strive to be the best "Andy" that I can be.
- Always believe in expanding "possibilities".
- Work to expand people's awareness of our relationship to the natural world.
- In pragmatic and tangible ways create opportunities for people to experience the out-of-doors and the company of other people through experiential tourism.
- Discovering and empowering the potential of technologies to facilitate  these opportunities.

The above is more “pragmatic” mission and fits into a more mundane and traditional world view. From what I have learned in the last three years, is that our knowledge of who and what we are as “humans” is way too limited. To that end, I have expanded my mission statement to include this new understanding of who and what I TRULY am. Below is the current Mission Statement posted at I Am Sharing as a result of three years of intensive spiritual work (I have been on a spiritual path for over twenty-eight years).

The foundation of this philosophy is the discovery of the Law of One.

My Mission
To be a Conscious instrument of "I AM" for peace, Love and harmony by serving others and the planet utilizing ego-less awareness, Conscious Deep
Breathing, sharing my insights and knowledge with integrity and honesty through open communication using the channels of Learn/Teach and Teach/Learn via Love/Light - Light/Love.

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