Making dreams come true is, essentially, a two-step process

by Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D.

Disclaimer: These Sharings, insights and ideas are only suggestions - it is up to you, the reader, to discern whether these ring true for you and whether or not this process will be advantageous to your personal advancement toward making your dream come true. However, in our experience, and effort at Self-discovery is beneficial. Nonetheless, we share this information with great earnestness and sincerity because we believe that what we Share is what we receive back - this is the essence, I believe, of the great "Golden Way" shared by Jesus "Do unto others as you would have done to you".

1. The first is to discover your dream, express it in words both written and spoken and via visualization and planning. This is not about finding or determining what job you are supposed to get in order to pay your bills. This is not about finding a career. It is more about finding your purpose, your mission, why you were born. This is about finding that particular thing that you are especially attuned to, to share with the world. It may be a job, or a career, but it also may be a new form of expression that no one has done or seen before. In essence, it will be the thing that you love to do – that which provides you the greatest personal fulfillment and bliss. You may discover this in a sort of “staged” fashion, where you reveal this particular gift you are to share with the world as a sort of “peeling back of layers of the onion”. Most people have been so conditioned as to not even know that which they are supposed to Share or Do. This relates specifically to the second step. We do receive direct guidance from within, and this is revealed by our feelings, the program that we were created with that guides us to fulfill our purpose, or mission.

2. The second step is to discover and let go of any blockages that might be preventing you from realizing your dream. This has to do with finding out the various ideas, beliefs, experiences and conditioning that have created a blockage preventing you from knowing that what makes you happy is what you should pursue in your life. (This is a good place to read "Questioning Beliefs")

This second step requires a willingness to look back into a person’s life experiences and find those things that have caused them to “pull back into their shell” – kind of like a turtle. These experiences are a varied as individual lives. The process can be painstaking, and arduous. The great spiritual and mystic traditions even suggest that these issues can also be related to past lives, and karma. It is not our purpose here to go into those things specifically, however, in our experience one must be willing to look at everything. In actuality, an unwillingness to examine or question any aspect of ones life, and experiences is, paradoxically, a “red flag”. This idea relates to a person’s fears, prejudices and other areas where strong emotional responses can be triggered. These areas that need to be worked on can be most easily identified where a person experiences “negative” or strong emotional reactions. In truth, these “character flaws”, or frailties as I prefer to label them, are not as hidden as most people think. In fact, usually these areas are a prominent part of people’s everyday personality as they go about their lives in the world. I have often said, that if you want to discover what a person’s “issues” are, just talk to them for 10 minutes.

The Vision Excelerator’s approach to help people Make Their Dreams Come True are to help them accomplish the two steps mentioned above. The only person who can accomplish this, is the person desiring to create their dream. We can provide guidance, and point to resources and tools by which to work through the process, but in the end the most important factor is the individual’s desire to become what it is they often, secretly, wish and know they are to become. In our hearts, and in our “superconsciousness” we all know that we are to become what it is that best matches with our heart and soul. Ultimately we cannot hide from ourselves anymore, because we each know all of our secrets. So, why postpone the inevitable any longer. Get on with the process, discover your dream, and get out of your own way and become what you came here to be. By the way, guilt, shame, blame, or regret of not getting where you “should” be will only stymie the process further. It has taken exactly what has already occurred for you to get to this place, so just get on with it. So, the question, what is it that you would like to accomplish, create or become now? Begin simply by picking up the tools that are laid out in front of you, and get to work. You can trust your heart, feelings and intuition to guide you. It is the most phenomenal set of programs that we were created with, that will guide us all perfectly to the Divine orchestration that is, guaranteed, going to come to fruition.

All the Best!

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