There is a larger, overarching, vision that is manifesting to support the creation of a global network. Our work has been a process of "bridge building" - utilizing new communication technologies but basing our future efforts on the foundations which are at the core of successful communities.
1 Reverence for Life University (RFLU) - is the center of the hub. This is our main portal for people to get access to the skill-set that will allow them to operate successfully in a rapidly changing world. We whole-heartedly believe that our New Earth experience and creations must be aligned and based on "Reverence for Life" which means creating with the protection of life as the foundation - honoring both human life and the natural world. (Albert Schweitzer's work, original RFLU Vision and Strategy description, chapter from Vision book).

2 The Moods Channel - for an individual to be successful they must be able to follow the guidance that
     they are being given from within. Our feelings work perfectly to direct us to our best experiences and
     life. Joseph Campbell said "follow your bliss". The Moods Channel will connect you with the tools and
     ways to get aligned with your own, perfect, "guidance system". (see work
     of Jerry and Esther Hicks / Abraham)

3 Vision Excelerator - assisting people, businesses and organizations to develop their ideas, dreams
     and visions is the focus of this resource. Some might call it an "incubator", we like the term hatchery,
     but it is mostly about helping an individual discover their passion and then to clear their path to do
     what they love and share the best they have to offer. Solomon Source Toolbox, Chapter 10 HCDC)
     - other courses on a variety of topics click here - Experiential University - Solomon Source

4 Eye Am Sharing - is the place-holder for our "collaborative network". This will be where people will be
     able to share and exchange what they feel compelled to. It will also be a place to develop our
     communities of sharing, exchanging and collaborating to make our world and communities healthier
     and happier. (Chapter 11 - Collaborative Network)

5 Experience Co-Evolution Group - implementing new ideas, systems and ways is not always easy.
     The Experience Co-Evolution Group will act as a consultant and resource center to assist
     communities to create more sustainable and successful strategies.

6 Rural Innovation Institute - we believe that there is going to be a shift from very large cities to a
     growth in smaller, more rural type communities. However, the Rural Innovation Institute is providing
     useful information to any community. It is about sustainability, environmental protection, innovation and
     creative collaboration.

7 Global Innovative Solutions - is an online catalog of new, or existing products and services that
     align with sustainable and innovative solutions and communities. Modeled after the Whole Earth
     Catalog and Mother Earth News magazine, GIS is intended to bring a wide variety of products and
     services to the world, but also facilitate creating a network, or collaborative cooperative.

The Vision Excelerator is the culmination of a process that has been underway for 26 years. - There is extensive documentation and online resources that have been created. However, here are some links that provide a more concise summary of various aspects of the VISION.

I have a Vision

World Proclamation for Emancipation 2011

HOME Communities

VISION: We ARE Re-Creating the World - a Resource Manual "tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness

The Decision - the statement that was the nexus for beginning gathering, organizing and writing all of the various components that are being realized. Most completely described in the Vision Book

Tourism is the great "connecting industry" and has been how Dr. Skadberg was lead to In-Visioning all of this.

Online Resources that are currently available in conjunction with the Vision Excelerator, sort of like pieces of a puzzle, are:

Reverence for Life University - our 1st step main portal.

Rural Innovation Institute - online "Virtual University" for sustainable development, practical information for tourism, agriculture, energy and new development.

Global Breath Consciousness Institute - was envisioned for Jamaica in 2007, this is one example of Revitalization and Empowerment - via the powerful foundational work of Desmond Green

Experience Co-Evolution Group - our expert consulting team that is available to assist regions, communities and governmental organizations to create and accomplish their Vision, specializing in sustainable tourism and economic development.

Global Innovative Solutions - our newest resource, creating an online catalog of quality, innovative products and services with the intent to build a global network for sharing, cooperation and collaboration. A hybrid of the Whole Earth Catalog, Mother Earth News and the emerging social networks.

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