Making Dreams Come True and Working for the World

We live in a time of many opportunities. Yes, others say problems. We believe in the power of the word. What we speak becomes. So we like to think and work on the solution side of the equation. Our team sees that there are many conditions in the world that need to change. We also believe that it is time for the VISION of humanity to become ONE to create a world of love, peace, harmony and abundance for all people while living in harmony with the Earth and all other forms of life.

Our business approach is different from many other organizations. We are embracing things like the power of love and the transformative teachings that have been coming to humanity for thousands of years, and are continuing to come to us in new forms and fashions. We recognize there is great urgency to accomplish great tasks to take care of things like poverty, disease, environmental degradation and war. But our approach is not to start another battle, or another "fight" to accomplish this, but to simply "work for the world" and put humanity's collective efforts to be civilized upon a solid foundation, and begin again. That is, to, in a way, return to the drawing board and begin to re-build the human experience on a solid foundation which is what appears to be lacking. Humanity, as a collective Being, community, or experience has no direction, it is chaotic and it is destroying itself.

I am not so brilliant as to have figured this out on my own. But I am bright enough to know when I find someone who has done the necessary homework to help shine the light out of the tunnel, so to speak. In modern times, that person was Albert Schweitzer and his "Universal ethic" that he envisioned after examining civilization and our conundrums, was "Reverence for Life". Albert dedicated his life to discover where we made the wrong turn, and I trust that he discovered a solid and satisfactory foundation upon which we can start again. I believe that because "Reverence for Life" aligns with another great "ethic", that being what we commonly call "The Golden Rule" - that being "do unto others as you would have done unto you". As I have written in other places, I believe this is not a "rule" but a "universal law" (The Golden Law) and it is highly misunderstood in its true meaning. That discussion is too long for this philosophical statement, but you can read some more from two additional essays if you care to digress. (1 How to Live, 2 How do we Simplify this Model?)

We are at a time in the world where we have to discover our powers, our dreams, our visions and our purposes for being in this world. The power behind this creation (God, Source, whatever you believe in), did not endow us with all of these incredible capabilities to squander them simply living like we are today. We have the capacity to re-create our human "reality" to be one that fulfills what we know in our hearts to be possible. But rather than being an "external" process, it is a process of one person at a time coming to realize who and what they really are. And in that process to discover what their purpose is, and what they are really here to do.

This idea was captured best by Depak Chopra in his book the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success when he said he told his children not to worry about anything (job, making money, etc.) except to discover what was their purpose, mission, or what it is in their "true hearts" to do in this world.

This is what the VISION Excelerator is about. To help people find what it is that will make them feel like they are making their dreams come true. To be able to find one's own mission, or purpose is the most glorious thing. It brings meaning to life, which in most circumstances seems to be missing. This is not about finding the "right career", or job, or anything of that sort. This is about really discovering each individual's passion, purpose, their creative contribution to the world - and it may be totally beyond what anyone has imagined before.

I believe that, in reality, what is happening here is best compared to a great symphonic performance. Each human being, and life form, have been brought to this world to play a part in the greatest living symphony ever. And the real opportunity lies ahead of us is to discover the instrument that we are, and learn to play the tune that was already placed in our own heart. Our biggest task is to discover what instrument we play, discover that we know how to play that instrument, naturally, and begin to play to the best of our ability. Now, of course, this is a very much simplified metaphor, but it should give you an idea of what the process that the VISION Excelerator is working towards. In simple terms we are working to help people "make their dreams come true".

This process has two basic parts, 1) to discover what that dream might be, and begin to envision, describe, write and speak what that is, and 2), to discover what internal blockages exist that prevent the person believing that their dreams can come true. Of course, this is a tremendous simplification of what can be involved, but in essence this is what we are working on. How this plays out for each of our "partners" is very much individual and unique. And the types of people, organizations, projects that we can work with are tremendously varied - but at it's core this is what the process is about.

So what do we call this? Well, in the world of business it might be called "incubation". In other circles, working with individuals, it might be called "life coaching". There are many labels that we might put on this, but at the core it is about helping people to work towards reaching their dreams and aspirations. To help people be free to know that WE believe that we came to this world to "make our dreams come true". And that by discovering what truly makes each person happy will result in the their making their best contribution to the world, which will ultimately make the world a more peaceful, happy place. 

We could add so much to this philosophy that it could become and entire book. In fact, it has, and a pretty lengthy one at that. My book, "VISION - We ARE Re-Creating the World: A Resource Manual "Tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness" captures the majority of the philosophical, theoretical and practical information that I have found, experienced and conceived to be part of my greater purpose. You can download the E-book for free by clicking the link. We will not include any additional discussion here. Throughout this Web site you will find elaborations of various concepts, theories which go along with our "philosophy" such as context, Systems thinking", individual empowerment, community revitalization, the rural-urban nexus, etc. which are all core principles that we work around.

A final parting thought is that we believe that this is the most phenomenal time to be living in this world. We see all of the challenges to be the opportunities for us to demonstrate what we really can accomplish if we realize that we are all in this together. And, if we join together, follow our hearts and intuition (Steve Jobs parting message too) we will discover that we have incredible, incredible powers and we can create "heaven on Earth", paradise, nirvana whatever you envision to be you dream. We believe this because we know, that the infinite intelligence that sustains us moment to moment, really does know what it is doing - whether we believe it or not.

With Great Love,

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